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       Welcome to the Coastal tribe, my friends.

      Matthew, here.

      I'm the one in the blue shirt above. First of all - I hope you're doing outstanding! Wherever you are, whatever you're doing. I hope this message finds you well.   

      Like I said, my name is Matthew. I'm the founder of Beach Authority LLC, also know as Beach Authority Coastal Co. To my left is dear friend and business partner, Jerris. A few years ago, I was hangin' at the beach with a few friends when my name brand shades fell into the water. Searching for the $200 shades, I realized they were made from plastic. And off they went. Swept out to sea for good. See ya later, bro. 

      Not only was I disappointed in my loss - but I was also saddened by the accumulation of yet another piece of trash in our life-sustaining oceans.

      Losing expensive sunglasses in the water was something I never wanted to happen to me or anyone else ever again.
      Other companies charge an arm and a leg for some decent polarized shades: and most of them don't include all of the Protective & Cleaning Gear that's necessary. 
      With a passion for the ocean and wildlife - along with an attraction to the exotic coastal themed life-style (who doesn't like the beach?) - Beach Authority Coastal Co. was born, along with our Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses Package.
      In addition to designing a superior wooden sunglasses bundle that couldn't become trash on the bottom of the sea; I wanted to create an engaging brand with awesome coastal gear for people to enjoy on their own Beach adventures.
      But it doesn't stop there. 
      The Team at Beach Authority (Jerris and I) decided we didn't want to be another random apparel shopping site. We wanted to build something that not only reflected our interests in coastal fashion but the interests of related third parties who could benefit from our charitable donations along the way as our brand awareness grows.
      That's why before a single $1 in revenue was generated, we decided that 10% of all of our proceeds go to the The Waves Project. 
      The extraordinary people at the waves project use scuba-diving training as a method of water therapy to help U.S. Veterans coping with various symptoms of PTSD.
      The newly trained veteran then uses their newfound water skills to help tackle different Oceanic Preservation Projects around the globe - while simultaneously building life-long relationships along the way. 

      How cool is that?

      We think super-cool.

      On our site you will find not only our flagship bamboo sunglasses, but an entire array of beach and coastal related items. Whether it be beach related apparel, our eco-friendly wooden polarized sunglasses, or our collection of modern décor  - we strive to provide you with the stylish things you need to enjoy the coastal lifestyle no matter where you are - or which beach you plan on visiting.
      Thanks for checking out our website :) 
      If you made it this far, consider yourself a member of the tribe. Be sure to check back soon - as we're constantly evolving so we can stay on top of cool and unique product trends, special private selections, and much more. 


      Welcome to the tribe, and we'll see ya out in the sand! 🌴




      -Matt | Founder 




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