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      Welcome, and thanks for stopping by our exclusive online shop. 

      Beach Authority is dedicated to our passion for the oceans, beaches and exotic lifestyle that accompanies it.

      Beach Authority is for those us who have a passion for the coastal life and all of the beauty that it has to offer. Whether they near the ocean or not, is not for us to judge. 

      Beach Authority provides carries a wide variety beach and coastal related items whether it be modern beach decor, polarized eyewear for your next trip out in the sun, or even stylish men's & women's swimwear, our goal is to provide you with the things you need to continue living the lifestyle that you deserve.

      Bring the beach to you, or prep for your next water adventure? The choice is yours!

      Our inventory and catalog rotates with seasonal specialities around each corner. Feel free to browse the current catalog and shoot us a message if you have any questions. And subscribe to stay up to date on special product releases, flash sales, and more. (We promise not to spam you)


      Lastly, welcome to the coastal tribe.