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      Unfortunately we are not able to offer refund requests for items that were and/or are currently delayed, if they are. 

      Due to the shipping & logistics disruptions that were caused by covid, we are taking  precautionary measures in the method in which we handle your products at this time. 

      Rest assured that we are working to improve the speed and efficiency of your transactions on our site everyday.  

      Thank you for your patience, and be safe.



      Matt | Founder 


      Refund Policy


      Refunds will be handled on a per-customer basis.

      Refunds will not be given on items that are received late, or past the expected delivery state. 

      Refunds will be considered for an items based on, but not limited; the item being broken, torn, or if its appearance is significantly different than that of the product advertisement. 


      We reserve the right to waive this policy at any time if Beach Authority suspects misconduct or manipulation of the refund policy adhered to above.

      To start a refund or exchange request, you can contact us at